Enabling file uploads and file deletions

WebDav Operations


The server can be configured to allow static file updates using the WebDav protocol.

When used with WebDAV software, the server will adhere to special rules for PUT and DELETE methods.

To enable this functionality, turn on the WebDav module.

The RBAC module is used to grant or deny permission to PUT and DELETE static files. If the RBAC module is not on, the request will fail.


Example: Enabling WebDAV PUT and DELETE through RBAC
host {
modules {
web-dav on
rbac on
plugins {
router {
`/login-logout/*` *methods=POST *plugin='rwserve-rbac-auth'
rbac {
roles `/etc/rwserve/roles` // the file created by the 'addrole' CLI utility
cipher-secret C#9fB$2gD@5zR*7e // secret used to encrypt the 'rw-roles' cookie
max-idle 1800 // number of seconds of inactivity before credentials expire
resources {
`/login-logout/*` *methods=POST *roles=anonymous
`*` *methods=GET,HEAD *roles=anonymous
`*` *methods=PUT,DELETE *roles=devops

Enabling file uploads and file deletions

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