Fulfilling your most demanding needs

Use Cases

High Performance Web Server

Use the Read Write Serve HTTP/2 Server to fulfill all your most demanding requirements.

Here's why the Read Write Serve HTTP/2 Server is a good fit for your next web server —

General purpose static Web server. Everything needed for a classic Web server is in the box: permissions, caching, content negotiation, compression, charsets, logging, and monitoring. Use it to serve HTML pages, style sheets, scripts, fonts, images, video, audio, PDFs, and any other MIME-type you have.

Web hosting provider. With Server Name Indication (SNI), one server can handle many virtual hosts, and each can have their own SSL certificate. Plus, with the builtin clustering capability, you can offset high-traffic sites with low-traffic sites using the same server — all running on the same port 443.

REST API server. Use it for mobile single page apps. Develop your own SQL or NoSQL data stores using the integrated plugin architecture, then expose the API for front-end use via REST.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Design your Software as a Service (SaaS) by putting business logic into discrete endpoints on the backend server. Code the logic in JavaScript with safe access to the file system and system processes.

Internet of Things embedded server. Access the serial port on your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and similar WiFi-enabled IoT devices to provide HTTPS command and control over the connected hardware. No need to learn Basic or Pascal, just write your communications logic in JavaScript.

Content Management System. Use the built-in resource-based access control (RBAC) module together with the PUT and DELETE methods to mimic a bare-bones CMS. Use it as an alternative to bloated blogging software, when all you have is a low-churn website.

Frictionless Blue Server. Learn BLUEPHRASE notation, and say goodbye to HTML and Markdown. Serve static pages written using BLUEPHRASE markup, with just-in-time compilation into HTML. When a bare-bones CMS is not enough, the expressiveness of BLUEPHRASE is the answer.

SEO boosters. Search Engine Optimization can easily be boosted with the server's ResourceMask capabilities. It's like a rewrite engine, only a lot easier.

★ You need a high performance server ★

The Read Write Serve HTTP/2 Server is ready to handle your needs.

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Fulfilling your most demanding needs

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