Background info and general guidelines


These notes provide background information and general guidelines for RWSERVE configuration files, including: syntax, hierarchical structure, common patterns, and idioms.

Configuration Syntax

Getting started with BLUEPHRASE

This note describes the syntax used within server configuration files.
RWSERVE, configuration syntax, version pragma, include pragma, comments, sections, subsections, single-line entries, sourcerefs, attributes

Merged Configurations

Common settings for multiple named hosts

This note describes how the server and host sections can be configured with merged settings to avoid repetition when configuring multiple hosts.
server section, host section, merge attribute, join, override, reduce, repetition

Config Hierarchy

A bare-bones look at configuration settings

This note provides a summary of the keywords used in host settings and server settings, and the hierarchy used to configure RWSERVE.
RWSERVE, configuration hierarchy, server settings, host settings, keywords, hierarchy

Path Patterns

Specification of path-pattern globbing rules

This note documents the rules used by the server for all configuration entries that use the path-pattern idiom.
path-patterns, globstar, asterisk, question mark, wildcard, GRAVE-ACCENT delimiters


Using file modification dates during update and caching operations

This note documents where and how timestamps are used by the server, and their role in file updates and caching.
if-modified-since, if-unmodified-since, last-modified, cache control, etag, IETF RFC 7231, IETF RFC 5905

Background info and general guidelines

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